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Thanks for your interest in placing our link on your site, or otherwise making others aware of our program. Before doing so, we respectfully request that you please contact us so that we can further explain how our program works. (See email or phone number below.)

We need to point out that while we do provide free computers to military families, we do NOT accept request from individual military families. Instead, the corporation donating the computers specifies the geographic location or unit to which the bulk amount of computers (usually 100) are to be sent. Also these computers are only given to families of service members that are set to deploy overseas within 30 - 120 days. We ship the computers in bulk, rather than individually because doing so significantly reduces our shipping cost and thus enables us to help more military families. Giving computers at the beginning of the deployment maximizes the time period that they are used to link families with their deployed loved one.

It is important that this specific information be conveyed to avoid families unnecessarily contacting us to request a computer only to learn that we cannot meet their request.

Those interested in having bulk computers sent to their soon-to-deploy unit are encouraged to contact large corporations in their area to request that they contact us regarding donating their old computers. Those computers will be sent specifically to the unit of families that initiated the donation. For more information including minimum computer amounts and specifications, click on the Donate tab.

If you still feel that adding our link to your site is appropriate, please contact us to confirm the arrangements or answer other questions you may have. Thanks for your understanding.

Tel: 312-863-6337

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